Clubs across Australia are working hard to reduce problem gambling. Your local club provides assistance for problem gamblers in many ways, including:

  •  access to 24/7 counselling
  •  a ban on betting with credit cards
  •  staff trained in responsible gambling
  •  building a better self-exclusion program.

So if you have a problem, or know someone who does, please speak to a club manager
or call Gambling Aware on 1800 858 858 today. For more information visit the website.


 Are you a Problem Gambler?

Some indicators of a problem gambler are:
• Gambling more than you can afford to lose
• Borrowing money from friends, family, banks and loan sharks to gamble
• Selling family or personal assets to gamble
• Losing time from work or study to gamble
• Arguing with family over your gambling habits
• Feeling guilty about the amount of money gambled
• Chasing losses to win back money

Help is at Hand.
Call Gambling Help: 1800 858 858
GambleAware, NSW, Australia – Free Support And Information

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