At Oak Flats Bowling & Recreation Club and the Illawarra Yacht Club we believe that our local community is the responsibility of all those who participate in the community.

That’s why we’re committed to local community development programs which directly benefit members of our local community. Forming relationships with organisations within our local community that share our same values is important to us. Giving back to our community is what it means to be a genuine community club with genuine community values. Over the past year the Oak Flats Bowling Club and the Illawarra Yacht Club have taken responsibility for their communities by donating $182,378 towards local sporting teams, schools, associations and community projects. This is $55,078 over and above our statutory obligation.

A recent project to benefit from our donations is the Wacki Film Festival which will see Port Kembla Public School, Lake Heights Public School, Kemblawarra Public School, Cringila, Public School and Warrawong High School receive $15,000 over the next three years. Funding provided by our Club will see students from these local schools gain skills in writing, producing, editing, acting & screening a short film. Deputy Principal Brad Hughes says " We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Illawarra yacht club in the development of our very unique WACKI film festival. This project is very community-minded as it promotes a positive relationship within the Warrawong Community of schools and their teachers, students and families." Both the Oak Flats Bowling & Recreation Club and the Illawarra Yacht Club remain committed to assisting and benefiting our local communities wherever possible and in doing so invest in the future of our community.